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Intuitive enrolment

The ‘holy matrimony’ of being is the one you provoke with the heart, lived by your soul-self. It is the bond you create with your inner self and your humanly self. This bond is created to let your soul dive in its unicity, in its potential and in its prophesied outcome of being. It can never be searched, never be thought and never be forced. When the time is set, the divine timing, you will ally yourself with the connective…

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The vibrational first feeling – Intuition

The state of feeling what assembles (vibrates) the most is the first feeling inside your being. The second thought is a thought to far away when it concerns your feelings. You can’t think you are well, happy and so on. Everything what lies behind the surface of the thoughts may be felt and even when this is stressing, painful or unwanted all these inner feelings count. You can’t seclude yourself (anymore) of those feelings the moment you have been awaken…

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Intuition: embrace it!

Your intuitionThe whispering Universal leads of your soulIs an almighty toolTo live by Silence your beingStep out the daily raceAnd start listening To the way your soulSpeaks to you In the total alignationOf your humble mindWith your beloved soulThe universal whispersWill find their wayIn your daily life Let your soul narrate you on your path of the soul… INTUITION THE PROJECT©By MY HAPPY SOULIrmgard Daanen

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Intuitive living

Intuition is the inner whisper of beingThe alignation of your soul with the divineWe all have that connection with the source of allIt is just a remembrance of your soulTo be reconnected with this star line The strings al already thereYou are rootedFrom the beginning when you set foot on this planetThe earthly context of being is thatBy living the ego, driven by the egoYou are distracted from this direct lineWith the divine Intuition is a great toolTo listen to…

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Great spirit I call upon you…

GREAT SPIRITI call upon you, great spiritPlease release my painsPlease release my sorrowsPlease release my vainPlease release my ego In the countless effortTo be myselfHealed and wholeWithout fears and hollowsI call you to be my accompanyOh great spiritTo guide me on my path of the soul… INTUITION THE PROJECT©By MY HAPPY SOULIrmgard Daanen #intuitiontheproject #myhappysoul #soulfeed #livelovebe #mysoulismypassion #soulfood #soulthoughts

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