The vibrational first feeling – Intuition

The state of feeling what assembles (vibrates) the most is the first feeling inside your being. The second thought is a thought to far away when it concerns your feelings. You can’t think you are well, happy and so on. Everything what lies behind the surface of the thoughts may be felt and even when this is stressing, painful or unwanted all these inner feelings count. You can’t seclude yourself (anymore) of those feelings the moment you have been awaken…

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Intuitive living

Intuition is the inner whisper of beingThe alignation of your soul with the divineWe all have that connection with the source of allIt is just a remembrance of your soulTo be reconnected with this star line The strings al already thereYou are rootedFrom the beginning when you set foot on this planetThe earthly context of being is thatBy living the ego, driven by the egoYou are distracted from this direct lineWith the divine Intuition is a great toolTo listen to…

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INTUITION THE PROJECT© – Get aligned with your true self

INTUITION THE PROJECT© Get aligned with your true self And follow the universal leads As voice of your heart and soul Called the intuition Dive deep into introspection Peel that layers Start listening To your intuition Unreveal your truth The essence of your being And keep on listening to your intuition As true and worthful guidance in your life Love, Irmgard❤️ INTUITION THE PROJECT© By MY HAPPY SOUL

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INTUITION: an almighty universal tool!

The enhanced you is the you wants to dive into your own feeds of being. You want to evolve, to learn, to dive in the maturity of your soul. Your soul growth is effortlessly the most important thing to live in the now and the then. The then and the now. Your unbelievable belief in yourself makes you expand, makes you evolve, makes you dive into your own prosperous way of soul evolution. You are. Definitely you are. But are…

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INTUITION THE PROJECT©: isn’t that something?

INTUITION THE PROJECT©: isn’t that something? A project to make you aware of your own intuitive leads of being.   We are all intuitive beings. Highly lead by the universal energies of being. We are all narrated, supported and driven by the universal energies. Your soul is also driven on the universal energies of being. We all are aligned with the universal gatherings of the energetical energies of the universal roots of being. We all are foreseen in this in…

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Enrich your life with intuition!

I am dedicated. I am dedicated to my mission. INTUITION THE PROJECT©. My mission is never completed. My mission will never be postponed, submerged or anything else by my mind. My mission is called LOVE… INTUITIVE LOVE: intuition lead by the universal loving energies…  Love is a profound component of the universe. The entire universe is composed on the loving energy of the greater good. We, you, we all do carry this loving component in ourselves. As an energetic partial,…

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Intuition is the most profound, the most worthy and the most truthful guidance there is…

INTUITION… Is the most profound, the most worthy and the most truthful guidance there is. Intuition is the voice of the heart and the soul and it is really an art to listen to it. We are born with a huge alignation with the universal leads of being but in our everlasting humanly desire to listen to our ego minds we lost this strong alignment the more and the more. In these strongly rooted lines, straight from our core, our…

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NEW YEARS MESSAGE – Are you happy? Reflection on your happiness

Another year has come, another year has ended. In the mixture of both years you can come into reflection of being and just wonder, realize and reflect on yourself what did I learn, how did it go, what did I meet in prosperity or not? What is the status quo of my being? Did I do what I love? Am I happy? You almost all know these questions. Questions of being and if you are true worthy to yourself you…

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