Live your intuitive means of life

Life is life and you live it once and you better make, or a start making, something of it. You decide and all is based on free will. Do you live your sequenced life the better or the worse? Are you happy or not? Even in the underestimated line, the outline of being, you can considerate yourself, into the bottom of your humanity, whether you have filled your life with doing good or doing it wrong. As we live morals…

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Intuition: embrace it!

Your intuitionThe whispering Universal leads of your soulIs an almighty toolTo live by Silence your beingStep out the daily raceAnd start listening To the way your soulSpeaks to you In the total alignationOf your humble mindWith your beloved soulThe universal whispersWill find their wayIn your daily life Let your soul narrate you on your path of the soul… INTUITION THE PROJECT©By MY HAPPY SOULIrmgard Daanen

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INTUITION: an almighty universal tool!

The enhanced you is the you wants to dive into your own feeds of being. You want to evolve, to learn, to dive in the maturity of your soul. Your soul growth is effortlessly the most important thing to live in the now and the then. The then and the now. Your unbelievable belief in yourself makes you expand, makes you evolve, makes you dive into your own prosperous way of soul evolution. You are. Definitely you are. But are…

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