The vibrational first feeling – Intuition

The state of feeling what assembles (vibrates) the most is the first feeling inside your being. The second thought is a thought to far away when it concerns your feelings. You can’t think you are well, happy and so on. Everything what lies behind the surface of the thoughts may be felt and even when this is stressing, painful or unwanted all these inner feelings count. You can’t seclude yourself (anymore) of those feelings the moment you have been awaken…

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Live your intuitive means of life

Life is life and you live it once and you better make, or a start making, something of it. You decide and all is based on free will. Do you live your sequenced life the better or the worse? Are you happy or not? Even in the underestimated line, the outline of being, you can considerate yourself, into the bottom of your humanity, whether you have filled your life with doing good or doing it wrong. As we live morals…

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