I am dedicated. I am dedicated to my mission. INTUITION THE PROJECT©. My mission is never completed. My mission will never be postponed, submerged or anything else by my mind. My mission is called LOVE… INTUITIVE LOVE: intuition lead by the universal loving energies…

Love is a profound component of the universe. The entire universe is composed on the loving energy of the greater good. We, you, we all do carry this loving component in ourselves. As an energetic partial, substantial, constructive part of our being. Of our soul. As we all carry this part into our being we are unbelievable loving. Based on this knowledge, based on this universal fact, it is time, we rather speak about moments -the universal moment- as time is universally seen nothing- to surrender yourself to the most worthful, the most existential part of the human existence. LOVE.

Love is. Love will ever be. It’s the universal Love who carries you along your life and nothing else. Maybe you think or live another dimensional apartness that is fine as we know, we highly predict to you as such is the case, that Love will always find its way home. Your home. You are so rooted, so aligned, in the universal Love that it is a matter of coming home. A matter of being rooted back in your own humanly acknowledging fact that you are Love, based on Love and that your main evolutionary task is not only live this Love, spread the universal Love but that you get reacquainted in your own loving settings again.
Many have lost track as they lost their rooting. The Love. We cannot emphasize this enough that you lack Love as soon as you start living your mind. Your mind isn’t based on the universal Love but your soul does. You are a soulful being. Yes, you are. Highly aligned with the energetical energies of the universal compound of being. Known as the greater good. You are a part of this greater good and your task here is to evolve in the highest potential state of being. Of your soul. You can only evolve with Love. Carried through the Light. The universal Light. You and your soul should cooperate together in the humanly form. You can’t live your soul in your planetary dimension without body and your humanly body can’t live without that substantial, energetical, part… the awareness of the soul.
You are so soulful! You even do not realize that all the time. That’s fine. We highly try to make you aware of the soul you carry along. As the soul is the one who makes you conscious in your awareness into your own planetary settings. You are you that is a fact and the soul defines your being. Not your humanly self, not your appearances, not anything whatever you think what is important to carry you. Your soul. Your soul is important but most of you, and that is a real pity we say, are forgotten they even have a soul. Despite of your own soul roots of Love and the Light. Your universal settings who carry you along you soul expansion, soul growth and the way up the evolutionary enlightenment. Soul enlightenment.
Before its time to be one with the universal Light and Love there is work to do. Soul work. Soul work can’t be determined, can’t be arranged and never can’t be lived by your mind. You have to take the mind off. As the mind doesn’t know anything, doesn’t have a clue to live your soul and its evolutionary path of being. That is why so many of you “lost track” as they forget to live their soul or worse… they even don’t know they have a soul, are a soulful being and in the midst of this all they listen, start listening from the start on, to their ego self. The ego self is a preprogrammed setting of the human kind. We do not judge. Not at all. We think nothing of that at all, as judgment, as judging is not universally like. You are dominated by the ego, the ego mind and what the ego thinks is best for you. But, dear soul, soul work isn’t thinking! Soul work is feeling. You have to start feeling before you can even live your soul. Feeling is the magic universal word. Feeling isn’t something, feeling is really an art and you have to open yourself to being. To yourself. You can’t live you soul without that proper feeling right from the inside out. Before you even can start feeling you have to silence the mind. The ego mind. After, maybe decades, following that ‘ego thing’ what narrated you so deeply it is difficult to make a switch and start feeling. Nevertheless, as soon as your soul give you its wake up call you are helped by the universal energies to follow the leads of the soul.
You can recognize the feelings of the soul as they come from the inside out. You have to start feeling the difference between the thinking and the feeling evoked by the higher self. You have to shut down the mind and before you even can do that you have to make sure that your mind is highly adaptive towards its new leads of being: THE INTUITION. That inner feeling what makes you feel what is best for you. In all occasions. You have to let go the mind, the ego thinking, and share the ego mind behind the soul. In alignation with the soul you can find your best balanced you. You are highly adaptive to any kind of energy what surrounds you but you have to make sure that you feel your own energy and its own intuition. As voice of the heart and the soul. Universally guided, compelled and whispered. In the whispering energy of the universe lies the contribution to your intuitive leads of being and in this intuitive leads you will find your universal guidance.
How to live your intuition further?
It is not such a big deal as you thought it is. It is always the thinking, we rather say. The thinking causes you a lot of heartache and headache too…
• First you have to silence the mind as in the silence of the mind you can feel in the stillness. Search each day a moment, a vast one or in between, to go right inside yourself. Into the silence of being. In the silenced moments the universe can reach you on its best. You can find the best silenced moments in the awareness of your own breaths. Between the breaths you find your own stillness.
• Find your own energy. Find in the stillness of being, in the reflective you, that kind of feeling what resonates with your own soul. This means that you have to feel what your body is feeling like. What kind of energy does it give you?
• With the silenced mind and that profound inner feeling of self you make sure you make contact with your own being. Your higher self. The soul. Listen carefully.
• What does it say? What kind of feeling does it give you? If you ask a question and send this out in energy you will find your answer. You can rely on this first impression. Feeling. This profound inner feeling. This awareness of your higher self.
• Intuition means living your own inner knowledge combined with the universal energies. Through this cooperative relationship between your soul and the universal energies you will find your own truth, the universal rooting back and your intuitive leads. Guidance by the universal energies.
Living your soul by using its intuitive leads is no big deal. Once you found your way between the intuitive leads and the alignation with your mind you can live it like you prefer it to you. On your own kind of way. Living your intuition isn’t sitting in Zen status, or sitting in mediation the whole day. Living your intuitive leads is just interwoven with your daily life, practice and occupational day settings. Day structure.
Intuition is a way of living! It isn’t so difficult as it seems. Just give it a try. It will lead you in different ways, to different paths and even to a different life sometimes. But one thing is sure… living your intuition, living your intuitive universally guided leads, will enrich your life! And as you are dedicated to make intuition a substantial part of your life it will sure enhance your inner feeling into the happiness, as this feeling only can be lived on soul level, into prosperity. As happiness is prosperous, happiness is feed for the soul and happiness sure enchants, enriches and makes your life more joyful! Intuitive guidance by LOVE is a joy forever!
Love, Irmgard