INTUITION… Is the most profound, the most worthy and the most truthful guidance there is. Intuition is the voice of the heart and the soul and it is really an art to listen to it.

We are born with a huge alignation with the universal leads of being but in our everlasting humanly desire to listen to our ego minds we lost this strong alignment the more and the more. In these strongly rooted lines, straight from our core, our precious soul, we are guided, narrated and lead by the universal energies. The universal energies, the beautiful energies of the Light and the Love, as we are rooted in these both strongly pillars of the (almost) entire universe, you are rooted in this loving and illuminating energy too. Only a strong aligned soul can reach for and receive the universal roots of being in the most aligned way there is: through the intuition. Your intuitive leads of being. So far enough the explanation.

What does intuition, what can intuition, mean for you? Intuition can make you aware of the fact which path to walk, what decision to make, who to trust or not. The aligned intuition is a wideness beyond imagination. Once you decide to follow your intuitive leads you will be guided directly by the universe. The universal energies. To walk your path, to find your purpose, soul purpose, in life and to live exactly that what your soul needs to expand in the loving energy of the illuminating (star) energy. It will lead you to your talents, your unique gifts and to unfold them into prosperity.

Intuition is a magical tool in life! It leads your soul to its evolutionary path of being and that is the most worthful, the most beautiful and the highest achievable path in life to walk, to live and in this evocation of your own truth, purpose and unicity you will be acquainted with self, with (self-)love and your gifts to contribute to the world. The (common wealth of the) Greater Good. Embrace yourself, embrace your purpose, you unicity, and the love as vast component of your life and start living the INTUITION. Live it as a common existential part of your life and implement it in your being to live to the utmost. On a daily basis. Good luck!

Love, Irmgard