INTUITION THE PROJECT©: isn’t that something?
A project to make you aware of your own intuitive leads of being.
We are all intuitive beings. Highly lead by the universal energies of being. We are all narrated, supported and driven by the universal energies. Your soul is also driven on the universal energies of being. We all are aligned with the universal gatherings of the energetical energies of the universal roots of being. We all are foreseen in this in energy and our souls are heading up to expand in the best way to evolve themselves into the cadres of your plan and/or contract of these emballage of energies. A soul is withdrawn in its own energy too. You have to feel this energy to be understood by yourself, to understand how the universal energies work and to be acknowledged by the fact that you are a being, now embodied intro the earthly settings of humanity as human beings, in your own set foot of the energetical bubble (the aura field) what surrounds you. Your soul is energy. Always. It contains the universal rooting into its core and you have to make sure you recognize this energy in the core you are carrying. You have to be silenced into your being to get access to your own intuitive leads of being before you even can try to listen to its leads. The universal leads.
Intuition is nothing new and it never is. It is just going back to your own rooted core of being and get recognized with your own sourced universal well, the soul, before you can get access, to entry and to invite your intuitive you in your life. You have to be sure that your core is aligned with self. Against all odds you have to ensure yourself that you are acquainted with self. Your self, your higher self, the soulful awareness of being, is the one who drives you and not, what is often lived, the mind. You are an universal being and universal beings are driven by their soul. Maybe you do not recognize this, or you do not remember this, that you are a soulful being, nevertheless before you can even get accessibility to your own leads of being you have to make sure that you know self. That is as simple as that. Nothing to hide, just pure as you are, the naked you. The you undone of all that veils of remembrance, all that veils your preoccupied life sets on you and undone of all that mist what that the mind throws over you.
We do not say this is easy, we do not say this is simple but the only way to get access to your own intuition package of being is to get back to your roots, to your loving being itself and to get aligned with the universal energies again. You are one with all the energetical surroundings of being, one with all and one with the universe as one big supplier of all the energies. You are one… with self. Never forget that as that is the basis, the starting point, the everlasting inner truth there is… You have to be one with self, with your higher self, to get access to your own leads of being. It is, this might be, quite a process to dive deep into the own self, to get knowledge of your own rooting again and to recognize and to embrace self once again. As you are meant as you supposed to be, based on this original universal rooting, you have to get that accessibility again to retry, to get aligned and to be supported by your own self again. You have nothing to hide (anymore) and you are okay as you am. You are not a product of your society, of others, of your own self. You have to make sure that you are okay with self again and in this self-embracement of self, the acknowledging fact that have a higher self -a soul- you are fine with your essential you. The essence of who you are. This might take some time but time is, universally seen, never and will never be an issue as soul processes, even going back to your own intuitive leads of being, take time. Time to reflect on self, time to be okay with self and time to make that step to self-love, self-okayness and self-embracement.
How sweet! Okay with self. Awesome thought. But yes you can! You are able to do that as even in the most far away of home, self-denial, lack of self or even lost yourself in an identity crisis (it is all possible) you have to realize that you are never far away of your own self. It is just one step beyond your mind of expectations, one step beyond your thoughts and always one step beyond your mind. You are one with self is a matter of fact the day you face yourself in the mirror of being and you recognize your own self in its worth. Self-worthiness is a vast component of a being who lives itself, its soul and its intuition. Its intuitive leads. You are one with self as soon as you have found yourself back in the okayness of being and to get remembered with your own rooting again. Self-acknowledgement isn’t something you can order, to get delivered or just force into your life. No, self-worth, seeing and acknowledging yourself can be a harsh process of self neglectance and even when the universe forces you to see the reflection of yourself into the facing mirror that the universal energies show to you might be so stubborn to turn your face away and keep on living what you are living on that exact moment.
Living your intuitive leads isn’t something that goes along and enters into your live the moment you think I want to live my own feelings, to be guided by your own intuitive knowings and to get access to the universal truth of your own being. Not at all. You have to make sure that you keep the thinking off, the pressure too and even, as said, time. These processes take time and once you have embraced yourself on soul level you can actually meet yourself in this energy. You are aligned with self and in this self-embracement, self-loving moment you can get started with living your intuitive feelings in the prosperity of your own life. Intuition is an almighty tool once you have realized your own rooting, you can feel your own inner self and that you are able to hear the voice of your higher self into the soulful surroundings of your own being. Life is good. Life will be better once you embraced yourself, your soul and its voice narrated by the universal energies. As in this embracement lies the accessibility of all that loving energies who surround you and as they “speak”, lead and guide you are actually ready to hear them.
This hearing can differ from one soul to another. You weren’t all made the same. You have your own unicity and in this uniqueness lies the frequency of your soul. One way, your way to listen to your intuitive leads of being, isn’t another way. You are unique. Never forget that. One soul is clairvoyant, the other soul hears in clarity. And some souls have accessibility to all the energetical frequencies what resonate through the universal gathering of energies. And that is okay. Remember that as you are not equal and in the missing equality lies the unique you. You are leaded, will be leaded on your particular way. That is always okay.
Once you start feeling, once you are aligned with your own soul, with the universal energies, make sure that you are driven by your intuitive leads of being through your life. Your life will be enhanced in prosperity once you start following your own leads. Your guidance will, our guidance, will lead you to your soul path and that is the most, the greatest contributive aspect, you can give to your soul. That it may expand in its loving core to dive deep in its planned mission, its planned humanly life and in its evolutionary way to the stairway to soul expansion. You are on your way in the most aligned possible way as you dare to live your own intuition. Don’t forget… intuition isn’t a hyper thing, not modern, or an upcoming hype… Intuition leads were there all along and will ever be there. As the souls accessibility to the universal energy is through the alignment of yourself with these energetic compound what surrounds you. It is just a matter of being reacquainted with your own rooting again and that is not a fancy upcoming hype but just you getting back to your own rooting, to your own entrance of being and in this embracement of your own rooted, grounded, self you are reunited with your own energetic supply in awareness again…
Love, Irmgard