Is the most profound, the most worthy and the most truthful guidance there is. Intuition is the voice of the heart and the soul and it is really an art to listen to it.

Let you lead all the way! In excitement, in enchanted possibilities and unexpected leads, in delight, with burning passion and a true, worthful connection with not only your soul but with the sparkling you with many, many others. As souls meet souls! They always do, they will always meet, they will find each other (back). And in the combined energy, loving energy, you contribute to others.

Soul living… is soul giving! It not only fulfills the need and eagerness of your soul to evolve into prosperity, into abundance, the abundant help, flow and guidance of the universe it will make you (a lot) happier! Or happy! Just surrender to your soul and be, live and radiate your soulful talents. The soulful you!


In the pragmatic disbelief of your own truth, in your own being, you won’t follow the path you should walk. As this is highly foreseen. By the universe. Based on plans and even on universal contracts. Why are you so stubborn to follow our leads? Our beautiful guidance? It comes to you through the intuition. Our whisperings leads of being. In the conviction of the mind that your current path is the best suitable path for you, lies the greatest misconception. As your mind can’t narrate you on your souls path. It is your soul who does. Never underestimate the contributive aspect of your precious soul to your earthly existence. It is the soul who lasts for eternity. And not your mind. Your soul has an enormous outgoing concept of being. It knows where to go. From the start. And your mind doesn’t. It knows your path, your learning lessons and your life issues. Your mind doesn’t. Your soul is the one who can really make you happy. And we keep on saying: your mind doesn’t. Your soul knows. Always. Your mind thinks it does know. But we keep on repeating… it sure doesn’t.

We cannot understand that you follow, almost all of you beautiful souls, your mind. The mind keeps on telling you what to do, what to chase and where to go. This ego driven thing has conquered your life, narrates and rules it in such dedicative, dominative and comprehensive way we start to believe you live in a pre-dominated society. But isn’t it that the soul, in the universal knowing of belief, in the universal knowing of existence, in the universal surrender to its plan, and perhaps a contract too, is the really one, THE ONE, who knows what to do, what to follow, what to chase? You mind keeps on thinking it does but meanwhile you forget to live your essence of being. Once more. All the time.

Your pre occupied time on earth is rather limited. If you compare it with the eternal existence of being: the evolution in energy. The eternal evolutionary path. We rather suggest to listen to the voice of your being: the intuition. The highly aligned intuition. As voice of the heart and the soul. As voice of the universe. As voice of your eternal pre-destined path. That beautiful soul path of yours. Why so stubborn, dear soul? Your mind, the ego mind, the ego thing, won’t let you evolve into the highest universal standards of being. Your mind doesn’t chase your passionate dreams. As real passion, real divine empowered passion, comes by the heart and soul and never can be evoked by the mind. Don’t shuffle your soul away. Don’t make your mind so important you live an ego dominated life. After all, you might think, it makes you happy but it doesn’t.

The thinking is a really a big nasty interference in your foreseen path. The divinely guided path of the soul. It distracts you of your origin, it misleads you on your universally guided path and it even makes you believe that chasing that ego things are worth living. But it isn’t. As the ego, an ego life, doesn’t make you happy after all. It makes you believe you are happy. Perhaps it is… for a while. We do not underestimate the impact of your ego mind and ego being on your happiness. Nevertheless true happiness is lived by the heart and soul as said. The same is with living your dreams. Dó you really think you can live, empower your dreams with the mind? No, you can’t. No, it isn’t. We won’t make you disconnected of your mind. Not at all. It is part of your evolutionary humanly existence. But it is such a short while there. And it has totally, universally seen, no contributive aspect to your being and its evolutionary, eternal, path of existence.

Souls can’t be conscious you know but in its energetical being lies a comprehensive understanding on energetical level that it has to evolve. You can compare this with a preprogrammed cell. As a flower knows how to grow, how an animal differs in form in specie, in outer appearance, so does an energetic soul knows how to evolve. Your humanly form set birth with a great universal plan. Your unique soul plan. In this beautiful plan lie all the in- and outs of your current life. As life forms differs… your soul now set birth in your humanly form. But this can differ as there a many, many, different dimensions with also many, many, different life-forms. This differs from energetical life-forms such as the Arcturians and Pleiadians to your vast humanly life-form. Just realize if you can’t see it with your humanly eye it won’t mean it isn’t there. Most of you aren’t evolved yet in such matter that you can accomplish these seeing. And that is okay. Just know it is there too and you aren’t the only life-form in the universe.

Your soul has a plan. We highly suggest to stick to this plan. This is a soul driven plan and can’t be followed and lived with your mind. Try to keep the mind off and start feeling with your soul. Start living the life of what you dreamt of with the soul. Seek for inner happiness and start living by your soul. Try to rely and trust on your soul, its inner knowings and its highly sensitive divinely leads. Your intuition knows! Always. Stick to that inner belief and in the stillness of your being, between your breathings, you will find your inner truth. Stick to this truth and dare to rely on this beautiful truth of being. Your inner knowings won’t ever lie to you, won’t mislead you and won’t make you believe you are unworthy, not loving, without respect and it even doesn’t make you insecure (anymore). As your intuition gives you a trustworthy basis of being, a balanced trueness and in the essence of knowing you know yourself too! As the intuition won’t lie to yourself either. It knows all your flaws, quirks, ‘faults’ and humanly disconnected dualistic sides. And the intuitive you, soul based, embraces you! With Love, worthiness, respectfulness, with its unicity, with the convictive you who believes in yourself. With certainty, with self-confidence and most of all with your loving embracement of being. The greatest achievement of mankind itself: to be okay with self. In this okayness of being you fulfill all your basic humanly needs. We mean if you base this on what your soul needs. Except of your humanly needs as food, security, shelter and so on. Your soul needs to be accepted. Your soul needs to be seen. Your soul needs its acquaintance with the divine. The alignation with the divine. It can’t be aligned properly if you only live your mind and its ego. The real alignation comes from within. From your source of being, by the soul, with the source of the universe. The wellspring of all. The source of Light and Love. Of Love and Light. Just name it and you know this. As your loving Light within needs to be connected with the highest standards of the universe and this means that your soul needs the alignation with this universal source to be lived in the most appropriate way there is. From the source of being to the source of all being(s). 

Love, Irmgard