In the evidently disbelief of your own soul worth there can be a distinction between the knowings of the mind and the knowings of the soul. You can only listen in the stillness of your own being to the intuitive leads of your soul.

As a former “mind person”, with an university law degree years ago I didn’t even hear about intuition at all. My mind was like a non-stop inner clockwork with no pauses in between. As soon as the universe knocked on my inner door, the soul door, I went deep, very deep. My “shaken to be awaken” moment. In this revealing process I got acquainted with my inner knowing, bit by bit, step by step. It was quote an emotional roller coaster but now, many years after that awakening call, I can leave my mind behind and trust on my intuitive tools, my inner knowings and the contact moments I got as well as a high sensitive person with the unseen. The world of spirits. As a mediumistic soul.

Certainly, I can help you and make you aware of your own connection with your intuition and give you tools how to connect, to maintain this connection and how to live by your intuition. Under my name SOUL CONNECTIONS you can book a sitting in person, by messenger, Whatsapp facetime or by Skype.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are searching for (internal) answers and you don’t know how to get quiet and start listening to your voice of the soul: the intuition. As all the answers can be found inside. Inside the wisdom of your soul and its voice.

Love, Irmgard