Your intuitive you, your anchored soul, seeks for guidance. Every day leads.

Your intuitive leads are the universal navigator of your soul. You are the one to decide to live your own compass of being. You just have to dive deep into reflection and meet yourself on soul level, mirroring your humanly self, into the depth of being. This isn’t easy but so worthy. The intuition is the one, the lead, the universal guidance, who should navigate you by every step you want to make, by every move you make and every decision you have to make into the own prosperity of the soul. The recflectionairy you is worthy looking, living but also unbelievable going as soon as you have met yourself into the unfolding intuitive leads of being. INTUITION THE PROJECT© is there to get you (re-)acquainted with your own rooting self again. With your universal roots of being. Lead by the universal energies whispered and narrated to you through your intuition…

Aren’t we all seeking, searching for one or another way for a lead? How to live our lives, what path to take, what kind of steps to make or even we are figuring out what makes us happy. This are questions many of us know. But what we intend to forget when we are seeking answers on these profound life questions is… that everything you seek, every answer, truth, lead or whatever what kind of life advice you need… it is all inside you! Yes, YOU!

Because your dear soul knows the answers but as we are, almost all, driven by our minds we forget to listen to our precious soul. Your inner being not only beholds your awareness, your passions, gifted abilities but even IT KNOWS! It knows all the answers on the life questions you seek. It is your inner truth. Your inner knowing. Your inner, universally given, guidance.

Although you can find everything inside your own being, you have to start listening. Listening to your inner voice. YOUR INTUITION!

You can’t hear the whisperings of the soul by the mind. You have to feel deeply inside and trust on your inner knowing. As the soul knows! Your first feeling, with the mind turned on off!, is your inner feeling. You have to trust on that. That clear knowledge of yourself, of your soul, is your intuitive lead. Your strong pull to follow this voice. You have to trust on this. Rely on your intuitive guidance.

The most beautiful, exquisite and profound alignment is that you trust so strongly on your intuition that you start to follow this. Day by day. As an integrated part of your life. You can see that as a way of living… A WAY OF LIFE! Wouldn’t that be awesome that we should rely, trust and live more and the more on your own intuition and you can actually find the answers you seek inside your own being???


And live it your way. As your own kind of living. You bet you will know where to go, what (you love) to do and what enflamed passion makes you happy… It’s right there! Just start listening! In the openness and wideness of your beautiful heart!

Love, Irmgard