The ‘holy matrimony’ of being is the one you provoke with the heart, lived by your soul-self. It is the bond you create with your inner self and your humanly self. This bond is created to let your soul dive in its unicity, in its potential and in its prophesied outcome of being. It can never be searched, never be thought and never be forced.

When the time is set, the divine timing, you will ally yourself with the connective strings of your soul and in its connection lies the progress, the inner progress, to become whole and one with self. The connective strings of being are highly aligned and connected with the universal strings and that is how you get your intuitive whisperings.

Your intuition is allied with this connective bond and its energetical supplemental contribution will send to your soul its knowing’s, intuitive knowing’s and intuitive meanings. The intuitive input can be influenced by your humanly self and the personality. You can understand that your (growing) personality, its burden of the past and also a little bit character might not influence your intuitive incomings. You have to check this again and again.

Once you feel that there is a slightly contribution of your personality in your feelings, inner intuitive feelings, you can go back and feel between the breaths what is really living there. They say that first income, impressions can’t lie. But this certainly can as your ego, personality or emotions come in and that may result in a false feeling, an adjusted intuition and this might be wrongly interpreted as being whispered by the universe whilst it isn’t.

Relying on your intuitive means of being, your intuitive universal input, might take a practice before you can definitely rely on your intuition. This is always okay and the moment you can step in frankly, open and full of trust you can start relying more and the more on your intuitive input.

The more you cooperate with your soul, the greater your possibility, your skills to be trustworthy aligned with the universal energetical stream of intuitive input. Do not be convinced that your intuition is your holiness as your personality, ego and baggage of the past might always come in. However, the more your try to feel deeply inside what is living there and listen to your souls voice you will making steps on behalf of your soul and its voice.

Do not hurry be using your intuitive abilities as Rome isn’t built on one day either you might think (!) that it might be an effortlessly contribution, skill, to learn. Step by step you will discover the intuition as an tool. And as every skill is concerned, you need to practice it a lot before you can use it profoundly and as a lead in your life.

Keep on following the inner leads and just feel what is there and realize that you are here about to learn. Even we all have the ability to see through, to hear by and to live by our soul and its voice, the intuition, there is a talented scale amongst souls. As every soul is unique… some souls are more universally skilled than others to live by their intuitive means. All is okay. The universe does not measure with good, better, best and even not with wrong, false or it’s not okay. Everything what evolves itself is okay and maybe it might be occasionally beyond expectation… the universe treats all souls the same. It is our unicity, our plans and even contracts too what makes the difference.

Love, Irmgard