Another year has come, another year has ended. In the mixture of both years you can come into reflection of being and just wonder, realize and reflect on yourself what did I learn, how did it go, what did I meet in prosperity or not? What is the status quo of my being? Did I do what I love? Am I happy?

You almost all know these questions. Questions of being and if you are true worthy to yourself you give yourself the answer too. You better feel this answer than evoke it. Make it into reality with your mind. As far as it concerns your life you have to be honest to yourself. You can’t walk away of your true, sincere and dedicated feelings of your own being: your soul. You can’t evoke happiness, live happiness with your mind. Happiness is a soulful feeling. Right from the inside out. You probably are eager to submit this feeling with the mind but that is impossible. You and your being need true worthiness. The nature of your being wants to be seen and unfolded in the biggest revelation there is: soul purpose. The purpose of your precious soul. Your soul needs to expand itself in loveness. That is the main universal input there is. Besides the evolution into the other universal component: the Light. Light and Love: how sweet is that. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that they carry these universal components, belongings, universally stardust gatherings, into their own being. How awesome that you are an energetic compellation of stardust energy…

You are an embodied soul into the dusty surroundings of your dimension: earth. You are a vast component of the universal compounds. Of the universal energetic flow. We want to talk about your flow in life. Your happiness. That is this reflection about. Ask yourself the profound question: are you happy? So happy that you are eager to learn, to unfold your passions, to live your dream(s) and into the unicity of your own core you dare to live this all together. It won’t be easy to answer such an immense question immediately. Take your time. As Rome isn’t built on one day either you should take time to reflect on yourself. In the most honest way of reflection, unfolding and diving deep into that layers of existence. Soul processes need time. And time isn’t universally seen nothing. So take your time! One step once is also progressing. We keep on saying this as you live so fast… Faster than the accomplishments of your soul. So fast that you even forget to live your soul in most occasions. Life isn’t easy and that is a main issue. Universally seen we are eager to let you evolve into prosperity but as your being isn’t happy at all this is hardly possible. This a main goal in the universal leads of being: the intuition. To guide you into the prosperity of your soul and its happiness. All seduced and led to be evolved into the universal components of being. Light and Love. Love and Light. How sweet!

Brings us back to our main lead of this piece of universal art of being: are you happy? ARE YOU HAPPY? If you don’t know the answer yet, and that is fine by us, make sure you take time (always that time!) to dive deep into reflection and give yourself the most honest, fair and sincere answer there is. If you are in denial, fine by us. But you know, in the end, that you are only fooling yourself. When you realize that a situation, it differs from work to relationship, won’t make you happy you should meet yourself on soul level and ask yourself what can I actually do to make myself happy (again). Universally seen, and we are proud of that, material aspects into the materialistic embodied energy aren’t hardly known. As most dimensions carry themselves into the energy of the universe. It is there but not in an embodied state of reflection. It is there but most of you hardly are aware of that energy at all. And that is okay as long as you are aware of yourself. As that is our main lead. Self-awareness of your own being. Are you aware at all? Are you aware of your own existence? As life can be so rapidly fluctuant and so moving at the same time you can overlook yourself at all.

Before you start to reflect on your own happiness you should be aware of your own awareness. Be conscious into every body nerve before you even start to reflect on your own being and start to ask yourself whether you are happy or not. Self-knowing starts with consciousness. Self-knowledge is being conscious in your basic being. You have to meet yourself on soul level first, and dare to peel off all that layers, before you are able to dive deep into that unfolding state of yours. Start with awareness. In silence. Stillness is adequately necessary and you have to silence your being to the utmost to be aware of self. Perhaps this won’t be easy but give it a try if you want to be sure you are happy or not. Self-acquaintance is self-worthy and self-worthiness is self-respectful. Self-respectfulness is self-loving and self-love is the greatest effort of self-embracing. Self-embracement leads to self-okayness. Being okay with self opens the gate to your true essence and this might be repetitive to say but only in the essence of being you can truly meet yourself. On soul level.

Although… happiness! Happiness is the main goal to evolvement. Evolvement is all the learning moments between grief, pain, sorrow and harshness. But all the lessons can also be learned in happiness, joyfulness, cheerfulness and everlasting Love. It is all soul feed. Nevertheless the greatest endurance for your soul lies in the eagerness, the dedicative and motivated passion to live itself in the most happiest way. With your true capacities, uniqueness and talents. You are so unique and your soul is so willingly to live this passionate core of itself that the day will come, universally leaded, to push you to its passion. To push you to its goal. To its purpose, your purpose, in life. You might be stubborn and be influenced by all that things that are soul unworthy and in the neglectance of your own soul wish, to expand and evolve itself into its own capacities, might make you unhappy. You can have it all and nevertheless be unhappy, unhappier of most unhappy at all. If your soul is unhappy, you are unhappy too! Besides all what live offers you your soul can be grieving as you overlook your own being. When your soul is neglected you can put all your effort in something but that is mind driven and this won’t make your being, yourself, happy. Finally. Therefore it is time to ask yourself the question AM I HAPPY or not?

Before you make all that new year desires, wishes or all that good predictions… make sure you let yourself be guided by the soul. As your mind can’t decide after all what is happiness for your inner self. It thinks it can, but that is the thinking. One again true happiness can be measured only on soul level and the greatest measurement should be the Love you feel, the Light you carry along (depression isn’t very illuminating…), the inner passion you feel to do what you love or love what you do. Do you feel passion for your work, relation or surroundings? Don’t endure yourself further to maintain, to uphold, to keeping up the appearances if your core is unhappy. It is time for being! A happy being and in this true worthiness of yourself you will find your way. As in the openness of your own self, try to set your mind apart, you have to feel what is best for you. Rely more and the more on your intuitive leads as the intuition is the common universal guidance for your beloved being and only in the openness and stillness of your being you are able to listen well. Carry on sweet soul! Make sure you give your own being a satisfying answer and make in this honesty a clearance to embrace your soul the more and the more. It will lead itself as long as you keep the mind off and give your soul, and your intuitive guidance, room to unfold itself. We are helping you to make that clearance and push you along your universal path. You just have to surrender, have faith and have trust in your soul, universal leads and in the universe. Good luck! To another year with unfolding happiness, in carriage of your being, to the happiest version to live itself…

Love, Irmgard💛

Channeled on December 28, 2019 – By Irmgard (MY HAPPY SOUL)