The state of feeling what assembles (vibrates) the most is the first feeling inside your being. The second thought is a thought to far away when it concerns your feelings. You can’t think you are well, happy and so on. Everything what lies behind the surface of the thoughts may be felt and even when this is stressing, painful or unwanted all these inner feelings count.

You can’t seclude yourself (anymore) of those feelings the moment you have been awaken in your own truth. Soul truth. In this authentic truth lies your reason for living and the preoccupied thought only distracts you of your path, your feelings inside and in the assembling thought of being, of the mind state of who you actually are, you might set your standard not even too high but rather it might not suit your inner feelings as well.

Inner feelings are the main lead for, should be, the leading matrix of being. There is nothing like you live outside the thinking box than living your soul as and on its best. Never underestimate the quality of your feelings and the trembling, shocked and awakened conscious you knows there is nothing to fear regarding your internal feelings.

Even as you are stick to your mind quality, its thoughts and the assumed conclusion that you can actually feel inside your mind what moves you, or says about your inner state, won’t be a propriate basis to rely on. As the mind always makes itself better or worse, has no truthful meanings about self when your personality is at stake or is criticized. Relying on your mind to actually feel is and will never be a fine basis to start with bringing intuition in your life.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen