Intuition is a master, a super power. Once you have acquainted yourself with the intuition, known as the silent voice of your heart and soul, you will be surprised what life has to offer once you start listening. To its whisperings, to its calls, to its remembrances. Of your beloved soul.

It is no wonder that your intuition sure knows the way as your soul picks directly its leads from the universal stream, the energetic ways to communicate in the universe. No words needed only silence, energy and most of the connection between your heart, soul and mind.

Your humanly self is pre-programmed on its humanly voyage, ‘the dusty ways’, to remember its original state of being. Your soul came from the stars, unsprouted from the source of Al(l) and has star energy in its DNA. It so allied with the universe that it can communicate in streams of love, in the streams of light of that same universe.

Your soul is supplied with two immense energetic pillars: the love in its core and the light in its energetic belly. Once remembered of its original settings, some of you call it awakening, it will be reconnected by its origins. This connection, the bond what always was there from the start, the moment you set foot on this planet, your dimensional grounds, you already had this profound connection. Energetic bond, chord, lining.

This connection might have been lost for some time as the human kind are driven by their mind, ego and thoughts in order to get that grip, put that statement on or dictate that life of yours. You can imagine that this is not quite conform the universal will and therefore the universe will do everything, when the exact (divine) moment has come to launch you in its awakening modus. All to remember, to connect, with who you essentially are.

This goes directly side by side by the introduction of your intuition. The moment you start feeling, listening in silence what you feel deeply inside you might be dazzled by the wonder what lies inside. It is called the soul with its intuition. There is nothing so profound to be reconnected with your soul self and its voice.

Once you get a grip on your ego and when you manage to put your soul at front and its needs too you will start to feel and actually hear what your soul wants to tell you on a daily basis. Integrating in your life. The intuition might manage to set you free of that mind lead you probably had formerly.

There is no hesitation left that the intuition will lead you to the prosperous plan what your soul wants you to carry out, live and most of all: embrace it. As in the embracement of your soul you will be leaded exactly as planned conform your universal plan and perhaps contract too.

Intuition is nothing more and nothing less than that you follow your heart. When your heart tells you something you better start listening. It can lead you to the most magic, unexpected and beautiful ways into the prophesy of your own path, life and potential. That should be almighty great, isn’t it!?!

Love, Irmgard